Unveiling the World of Envelopes: The Innovative Range of Goelzer Industries

The tangible touch of a well-crafted envelope can make a profound statement.

Goelzer Industries, a leader in envelope manufacturing, has been redefining this space with its range of innovative products. Let’s dive into the unique offerings that make Goelzer stand out.

1. The Art of Precision: Jet and Litho Printing Goelzer Industries has mastered the art of envelope printing. Their jet printing uses metal plates for high-quality, quick-turnaround envelope printing. Litho (Lithographic) Printing, synonymous with quality and clarity, is perfect for multi-color or 4-color process prints. These methods ensure that each envelope is not just a container but a piece of art.

2. Envelopes for Every Need: Diverse Styles and Functions Goelzer’s range is vast and versatile. Open End Envelopes, ideal for compact mailings, and Open Side Envelopes, suitable for business correspondence, provide options for every mailing need. Specialized varieties like Remittance Envelopes, used for secure check returns, and Bangtail Envelopes, perfect for marketing and accounts receivable, showcase Goelzer’s understanding of industry-specific requirements.

3. Sealing with a Promise: Innovative Sealing Methods Understanding the importance of secure sealing, Goelzer offers Remoistenable Seal Gum for a classic, permanent bond and Peel & Seal for a modern, moisture-free closure. These options cater to diverse preferences and functional requirements.

4. Windows to Creativity: Customizable Window Envelopes Goelzer takes customization to another level with their window envelopes. Whether it’s standard, double, or full-view windows, they provide nearly 1000 different dies for any specification. From showcasing a brand logo to creating an eye-catching design, these windows offer a peek into the creativity behind each mail.

5. Material Matters: Quality in Every Fiber The choice of material speaks volumes about the envelope’s purpose. Goelzer’s wove, linen, glossy, and Kraft paper options cater to various applications, from high-end invitations to robust mailers. Each material is chosen for its strength, printability, and aesthetic appeal.

In a world going increasingly digital, Goelzer Industries reminds us of the enduring charm and utility of physical mail. Their range of envelopes, each a blend of innovation and function, offers businesses and individuals the perfect medium to make their messages stand out. It’s not just about sending a message; it’s about delivering an experience.

Explore the world of possibilities with Goelzer Industries’ envelopes. Whether for business mailings, invitations, or promotional materials, find the perfect envelope to make your message memorable.

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