Redefine Your Mailing Experience with Goelzer Industries’ Catalog Style Envelopes

Redefine Your Mailing Experience with Goelzer Industries' Catalog Envelopes.

In the world of business communication, first impressions are crucial. Your choice of envelopes can significantly influence how your message is received. That’s why Goelzer Industries is excited to introduce our latest innovation in mailing solutions – the Catalog Envelopes. Designed to blend elegance with efficiency, these envelopes are set to revolutionize the way businesses communicate.

Why Choose Goelzer’s Catalog Envelopes?
Our catalog envelopes is more than just a container for your mail; it’s a statement of your brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. Here’s why they are a perfect fit for your business needs:

Unique Open-End Design: The open-end style allows for easy insertion and retrieval of documents, ideal for multiple sheets or larger paper sizes. This design ensures that your documents remain flat and uncreased, maintaining a professional look from dispatch to delivery.

Customization at Its Best: With options ranging from 6×9 inches to 10×13 inches, and materials from 24lb white wove to 24lb brown stock, our envelopes can be tailored to reflect your brand’s personality. Custom window designs add an extra touch of personalization, making your mail stand out in a crowded mailbox.

Durability Meets Style: Our envelopes are not just about looks; they are built to last. Capable of holding up to 8 pounds of coated paper or an 80-pound coated cover, they are perfect for ensuring that your important mailings reach their destination in impeccable condition.

Sealing Options for Security and Ease: From regular seal to latex self-seal and peel and seal, our envelopes offer secure closure options to meet every preference and requirement.

Vibrant Printing Options: With the ability to print up to six colors, our envelopes can be customized to showcase your brand’s logo and colors vividly, making a memorable impression on your recipients.

Ideal for Various Applications:
The versatility of our Catalog Style Envelopes makes them suitable for a wide range of applications:

Financial Statements: Convey trust and professionalism.
Calendars and Catalogs: Deliver your marketing materials in style.
Multiple Sheets and Bigger Sizes of Paper: Ensure your documents are presented neatly and attractively.

At Goelzer Industries, we understand that an envelope is more than just packaging; it’s a part of your brand story. Our Catalog Envelopes are designed to enhance that story, ensuring that every communication you send out reflects the high standards and values of your business. Ready to transform your mailing experience? Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions

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