Frequently Asked Questions

At Goelzer Industries, we want the process from idea to project to be seamless. We understand you have questions and we want to get you answers. Some of our most commonly asked ones are here, but if you have more, reach out! 

Goelzer Industries is a titan in the business envelope printing industry, renowned for its unparalleled quality and unmatched efficiency in envelope manufacturing. With a legacy built over 39 years, we prioritize innovation, precision, and excellence in every project, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. We are located in Grand Prairie, TX at 201 E Trinity Blvd, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with three Heidelberg Printing Presses, seven Schwabe and PHP Cutting Machines, and eleven Folding Machines, enables us to handle projects of any magnitude with impeccable precision. Our commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. Goelzer Industries seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative printing techniques, ensuring every custom envelope we create is of the highest quality. Our unique approach ensures that your business envelopes are not only functional but also representative of your brand’s excellence and reliability. Plus, we always deliver your project on time.

We specialize in crafting custom business transactional mail and direct mail envelopes, ensuring your bills, invoices, statements, and promotional materials are delivered with utmost professionalism and impact. Our envelopes can be customized with various papers, inks, and styles to meet your specific needs.

Without a doubt! Goelzer Industries, a seasoned envelope manufacturer, is deeply rooted in understanding the pivotal role of timely communications in your business. Recognizing the essence of each ticking second in the corporate realm, our commitment to punctual delivery is unwavering, ensuring your operations persist smoothly and efficiently. How do we do it? With strategic inventory management and amazing delivery partners, we guarantee that your business envelopes reach their destination exactly when you need them, every single time. The last thing we want to do is create a problem with your client or customer.  Our name has become synonymous with reliability, consistently delivering products at the right time, to the right place, safeguarding your business communications against delays. Trust Goelzer Industries – where dependability in delivering high-quality business envelopes is not just promised; it’s assured.  Talk to our customers – they will tell you to Give It To Goelzer!

Yes, we ensure that every step, from ordering to delivery, is straightforward and hassle-free when you choose us for your business envelopes. Paul Goelzer, Jr. wants all of our clients to know we keep it simple.  No stress on your part.  We offer personalized customer service, simple ordering processes, and flexible product customization options, we can handle last minute changes making us a partner who understands and adapts to your unique needs.

Quality is embedded in our legacy. We utilize the latest in high-quality printing technologies and business printing processes to ensure that your direct mail and transactional envelopes are produced to meet today’s demanding standards and anticipate tomorrow’s needs. Our commitment to technological advancement ensures you always receive top-tier products. The Goelzer Industries mantra of “Get it done right the first time,” means we committed to utilize cutting-edge machinery and a dedicated team to ensure precision printing, impeccable cutting, and efficient folding, meeting and exceeding your expectations every time.

Certainly! Goelzer Industries is not only equipped but excels in handling large-volume envelope printing, ensuring your bulk printing needs are met with precision and efficiency. With our robust infrastructure, including multiple top-tier Heidelberg presses and a fleet of eleven adept folding machines, we are poised to manage extensive large printing projects seamlessly. Moreover, our forthcoming integration of the W+D 628 High-Speed Web printer/folding machine is set to redefine our large-volume envelope printing capabilities, propelling us to meet and exceed the dynamic demands of our valued clients. Our technological advancements and strategic investments in envelope manufacturing machinery underscore our commitment to staying ahead in the industry, always ready to cater to your bulk business envelope needs with promptness and unparalleled quality. Give It To Goelzer, where innovative technology meets envelope manufacturing expertise, and experience the future of large-volume envelope printing today.

We primarily serve buyers, operations managers, Customer Service Representatives, sales administrators, purchasing account managers, and directors of production services from banks, insurance companies, utilities, and other distributors of large-order business envelopes.

We continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible, embracing modern innovation to deliver solutions that meet the needs of the ever-evolving business envelope industry. Our commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation ensures we stay ahead of industry trends and customer preferences.

We invite you to be a part of our journey of innovation and excellence. Starting your journey with us is simple! Click on “Give It To Goelzer” on our website, explore our range of custom envelopes, and let’s begin creating something extraordinary together. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you! Whether you have a project or want to learn more about our offerings, our doors (and inboxes) are always open. Contact us to bring your vision to life. Or call Mary Kay, our Vice President of National Sales right now at (214) 849-1986.

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