High Quality Envelope Printing with the W+D 410 Flexo Inline Envelope Converter

Introduction to Next-Level Efficiency

Welcome to a breakthrough in envelope manufacturing technology at Goelzer Industries. Our recent addition, the W+D 410 Flexo Inline Envelope Converter, represents a monumental leap in the envelope production sector. Imagine a machine that keeps pace with your envelope production needs and boosts your efficiency and quality without breaking a sweat. This machine is your gateway to a streamlined, powerful, and adaptable production workflow designed for envelope buyers focused on maximizing efficiency and boosting product quality.

Why Choose the W+D 410 Flexo Inline Envelope Converter?

Unmatched Speed and Precision

The W+D 410 Flexo Inline Envelope Converter sets an industry benchmark for speed and precision. This machine is designed for optimal efficiency and can handle between 50,000 and 200,000 envelopes with extraordinary accuracy. The W+D 410 Easy Enveloper can produce up to 33,000 envelopes per hour.

Flexibility for Various Production Runs

Whether your focus is on short or medium production runs, the W+D 410 adjusts to your needs without compromising on quality. It can produce envelopes from rolls or blanks and can handle a wide range of formats, including C6 to B5 and #9 to 6×9. The 410 Easy Enveloper can also change sizes and windows.

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