Revolutionizing Envelope Production: The Rise of Web Flexo Printing with the W+D 628 Web Envelope Machine

We are proud to tell you about the new W+D 628 web envelope machine that has just been installed at Goelzer Industries. This new web flexo printer redefines envelope production in our industry and aligns with the ever-growing demands for quality, efficiency, and customization in the business envelope space.

Efficiency at Its Core

The hallmark of the W+D 628 is its unparalleled efficiency. Designed to cater to the fast-paced requirements of modern business, this web envelope machine boasts speeds of up to 1200 envelopes per minute. Such swift production rates ensure that even the most urgent orders are fulfilled promptly, reducing the “time to mailbox” and keeping businesses moving without delay.

Uncompromised Quality

Quality is not negotiable in the manufacture of business envelopes representing your brand, and the W+D 628 stands as a testament to this principle. Each envelope produced under its watch meets the highest standards of precision and quality. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every piece effortlessly passes through insertion machines and mailing systems, maintaining the professional integrity of your communications.

Flexibility Unleashed – Web Flexo Printing

At Goelzer Industries, we understand you need a manufacturer who can provide high levels of customization. We appreciate you are looking for flexibility and versatility, and the W+D 628 rises to the occasion with its wide range of customization options. From standard # 10 business envelopes to unique, custom designs, this machine’s adaptability allows for a wide variety of envelope styles, sizes, and paperweights. This capability ensures that every specific need and creative vision you or your client has can be brought to life, offering a tailored solution to every project.

Cost-Effectiveness: A Competitive Edge

Now, here’s what may be the best news. Goelzer Industries can offer the most competitive pricing in the industry now. Efficiency and quality often come at a premium, but the W+D 628 breaks this norm by offering unparalleled cost-effectiveness. Plus we also offer inline Flexographic Printing with the W+D 410. The optimized production flow of both of these web flexo printers allows Goelzer Industries to provide high-quality envelopes at very competitive price points. This affordability does not compromise the quality or the service, making it an unbeatable choice in the industry. Before you place your next order, Request a Quote on our website. It only takes a couple hours at the most for us to provide you with a quote. You will be pleasantly surprised at how competitive we are.

A Nod to Sustainability

In today’s eco-conscious world, sustainable production practices are more important than ever. The W+D 628 aligns with this ethos by minimizing waste and maximizing material efficiency. This commitment to environmental stewardship reinforces Goelzer Industries’ dedication to sustainable practices, offering clients a product and a partnership in shared values.

Partnership Beyond Products

Choosing Goelzer Industries means opting for more than just an envelope supplier. It’s about selecting a partner who is committed to innovation, quality, and your success. The introduction of the W+D 628 Web Envelope Machine is a testament to this commitment, offering cutting-edge technology combined with unmatched service and value. Plus, the industry knows that Goelzer Industries provides world-class customer service. You will never wonder if a Goelzer rep will get back to you. We guarantee it! Plus, we want to make the process as easy for our clients as possible.

The W+D 628 Web Envelope Machine represents a significant leap forward in the field of web flexo printing. Its arrival at Goelzer Industries marks a new envelope production chapter characterized by speed, precision, and flexibility. As we embrace this technology, we invite our clients to experience the difference and benefit from the innovation that propels us all toward success. Go ahead and Give It To Goelzer!!

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