Revolutionizing Envelope Production: Discover Goelzer Industries’ Advanced Web Flexo Printing Capabilities

Exploring the Prowess of Web Flexo Printing in Business Envelopes Production In an era where efficiency and quality are paramount, web Flexo Printing emerges as a game-changer in large-scale production, particularly in business envelopes. As Goelzer Industries embraces this innovation, especially with the integration of W&D’s 410 inline flexographic printing and the upcoming installation of […]

Myths and Misconceptions of Gum-Seal Envelopes

Rediscovering the Classic Charm of Gum-Seal Envelopes In our latest blog, we explore the often-overlooked but fascinating world of traditional gum-seal envelopes. The evolution of self-seal envelopes has brought a significant change to the world of mailing, moving away from the traditional, and often disliked, method of manually moistening envelope glue. Despite its general unpleasantness […]

Revolutionizing the Envelope Press: Unveiling the Benefits of Modern Heidelberg XL Technology

Value proposition for the Envelope Buyer – Benefits of Modern Envelope Printing Technology This blog post showcases the advantages of embracing modern envelope technology, specifically Heidelberg XL technology. It is tailored for potential buyers of custom envelopes who want to understand the benefits of cutting-edge envelope press innovation.  In the ever-evolving marketing world, staying ahead […]