Goelzer envelope manufacturers offers a wide variety of envelopes to cater to different mailing and packaging needs. Here are some common types of envelopes our clients order:

Most Common Envelope Types

  1. Regular Envelopes (Business Envelopes): Standard envelopes used for everyday mail. They come in various sizes, such as #10 (which is the most common for business correspondence), #9, and #6¾.
  2. Window Envelopes: Similar to regular envelopes but with a clear plastic window that allows the recipient’s address to be visible without opening the envelope. They are often used for bills and statements.
  3. Security Envelopes: Designed to protect the privacy of the contents with a patterned interior to prevent seeing through the envelope. Common for sensitive documents.
  4. Trailing Edge Envelopes: These envelopes are distinctive in shape and design, offering a unique aesthetic and functional advantage. They are also USPS-approved for automation rates, which can help businesses save on postage costs by meeting specific postal service requirements for automated handling.

Specialized Envelope Types

  1. Specialty Envelopes: This category includes custom-made envelopes for specific purposes, such as CD/DVD envelopes, coin envelopes, and gift card envelopes.
  2. Clasp Envelopes: These envelopes have a metal clasp for closure and are often used for mailing documents that should not be folded or for documents that require a more secure closure.
  3. Invitation Envelopes: Available in various sizes and styles, these envelopes are designed for events such as weddings, parties, and formal gatherings.
  4. Recycled Envelopes: Made from recycled materials, these are an eco-friendly option for businesses and individuals concerned about their environmental impact.
  5. Bangtail Envelopes:  These are specialized envelopes designed for specific applications, featuring a detachable portion (or “tail”) that can be used for various purposes, such as order forms, donation slips, or additional marketing material.
GOELZER Booklet Envelopes
Goelzer poly mailers

Purpose Specific Envelope Types

  1. Catalog Envelopes (Open End Envelopes): Large envelopes that open on the short side, designed for mailing catalogs, magazines, or documents that should not be folded.
  2. Booklet Envelopes (Open Side Envelopes): These also are large but open on the long side, making them suitable for mailing booklets, brochures, and large documents.
  3. Airmail Envelopes: Lightweight envelopes designed for international mail, often with a distinctive border pattern.
  4. Padded or Bubble Mailers: Envelopes lined with bubble wrap or foam to protect the contents during shipping. Ideal for sending fragile items.
  5. Poly Mailers: Made from durable polyethylene, these lightweight and moisture-resistant mailers are great for shipping non-fragile items such as clothing.

Goelzer offers additional customization options, including various paper qualities, colors, printing techniques, and self-sealing designs, to meet your specific needs.